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Digital Music
Digital Music
Digital Music

Digital MusicBA (Hons)

The Resonance BA (Hons) Digital Music is an innovative and unique course that focuses on the creation and production of contemporary music for a variety of settings. As a student, you’ll learn to take your production skills to a high professional level for live performance, broadcast, film, games, clubs and festivals.


Course coming soon: This course offers students the opportunity to develop digital music production skills and apply them to a range of different contexts. Whether you are hoping to develop a career creating sound effects for games and animations, producing songs and mixes for live performance, or working with directors to score films and TV programmes, this course offers a broad range of skills required for this global industry.

You can tailor this course to your own interests through optional projects and modules in the second and third years. These modules may help to inform future career options and ensure that technical and musical skills are underpinned by a solid understanding of the wider music industry.

This course will involve practical projects designed in partnership industry
The course will be delivered through a combination of interactive lectures, seminars, masterclasses, tutorials, workshops and guest presentations.

Assessment methods include practical assessments, essays, individual reports, portfolio, individual and group presentations, and final performance.

YEAR 1 (Level 4)
Studio Practice Core You will consider various recording technologies and techniques, signal flow theory, acoustics and various audio-processing techniques.
Digital Music Production and Composition 1 Core You will consider a multitude of composition, arrangement, sound design (synthesis), production and basic mixing/mastering techniques.
Electronic Music in Context (Historical) Core You will consider the history and significance of various developments within the context of 20th Century electronic music.
Digital Music Live 1: Creation Core You will start to develop a unique approach to creating music by learning how to control digital audio workstations with physical devices (e.g. MIDI controllers).
Digital Music Production and Composition 2 Core Building upon the techniques learned within ‘Digital Music Production and Composition 1’, you will learn more advanced techniques relating to composition, arrangement, sound design, production and mixing/mastering.
Artist Development 1: The Music Industries Core You will learn what being freelance/self-employed entails, as well as related skills and proficiencies needed in establishing and engaging a desired audience/customer base.
YEAR 2 (Level 5)
Music and Sound for Film Core You will study the basics of creating original music, sound design and recording Foley for film.
Mixing Core You will learn processes required to turn a set of ‘raw’ audio stems into a balanced stereo mix, along with a variety of corrective procedures designed to solve common problems in the recording process.
Electronic Music in Context (Contemporary) Core You will consider the significance of various developments within contemporary electronic music, which have contributed to the current climate within electronic music.
Digital Music Live 2: Performance Core You will develop live performance skills, as well as learning how to set up the stage appropriately and the connectivity involved in linking different hardware devices to a digital audio workstation for live performance.
Artist Development 2: Branding and Self-Release Core You will form a group, collectively brand yourselves, and then create and release/distribute your group’s music (in keeping with the brand) to the world.
Music and Sound for Games Option You will consider composition within an interactive sonic background and create and/or edit sound effects for video games using industry standard software.
Digital DJing Option You will study the essentials of digital DJing, as well as considering how ‘DJ culture’ relates to the music industry in general.
YEAR 3 (Level 6)
Digital Music Final Major Project Core You are given the opportunity to underline the professional nature and direction of your creative work through the development of an individually negotiated programme of study.
Artist Development 3: Industry Portfolio Core You are given the opportunity to develop an online music industry-related portfolio, executing your professional branding skill sets.
Collaborative Project Core This module culminates in the production of a specific body of work in collaboration with other parties (of your choosing).
Artist Development 4: Networking and Promotion Core You will explore a range of online networking possibilities and critique their effectiveness, before developing your own strategies to support your own music promotion, marketing and distribution.
Advanced Mixing and Mastering Option This module aims to provide you with the knowledge and skillset to be able to mix and master music to a professional standard, across a range of music genres.
Surround Mixing Option Theories of spatial audio are linked to practical projects in surround mixing environments. You will develop appropriate proficiencies in digital audio workstation surround mixing.
  • 104-120 UCAS tariff points from A-levels or equivalent, including RSL VQ at Level 3 and Rockschool exams at grade 6 or higher.
  • A minimum of two completed A-levels, an RSL/BTEC Extended Diploma at DMM or RSL/BTEC Diploma at DM or equivalent, or a combination of qualifications which comply with the minimum entry requirements of 104 UCAS points.
  • UK applicants will be asked to attend an audition.
  • Applicants over the age of 21 may be considered based on relevant experience, without having the required tariff points.
  • Alternative entry to this course is available through the Popular Music Foundation Year.

Applications to Resonance are via UCAS, currently the Digital Music course is not available and is coming soon.

If you would like any further information, or would like to chat to someone about our other available courses, please contact



The Foundation Year and degree courses provided by Resonance are validated by Solent University which is registered with the Office for Students (OfS).

Fees for the 2024/25 academic year are £9,250 for all UK and Channel Islands students. Additional fees may apply to non-compulsory excursions, tours and extra-curricular activities. Students will be notified of these extra fees in advance.

Resonance offers bursaries and scholarships to assist with the cost of tuition or accommodation, subject to a letter of application. Each bursary or scholarship will be considered by the Board of Trustees.

Additional costs will apply to Quals Plus courses and will vary according to the assessment process.

Other costs – such as accommodation, books, stationery, instruments, accessories, computers, optional summer school, personal expenses, food, and entertainment – are not included.

Costs also apply to the graduation ceremony, i.e. hiring an academic gown (currently £45) and photography (starting at £15). Full details will be provided at the beginning of the third year of full-time study.


Undergraduate students wishing to study at Resonance are officially registered as Solent University students and are entitled to apply to Student Finance England for support.

Full-time students can apply for tuition fee and maintenance loans. For further details on how to apply, please visit:

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